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Sign Up for Free VPK in Tampa, FL

Voluntary pre-kindergarten is a free program available for every child in Florida who will turn 4 on or before September 1st of the respective year. This program is designed to prepare children in Florida for kindergarten and future schooling. It includes quality assessments that focus on high literacy standards, independence, and social interaction. When you sign your child up for VPK in Tampa, FL, you know they’re receiving top-quality education and care by qualified and experienced professionals.

Utilizing Comprehensive DLM Curriculum

Little House Kinder Learning Center uses DLM curriculum for our VPK program that builds a foundation of oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and concepts of print and a love of books. Literacy-enriched learning centers provide a child-centered approach throughout the curriculum. Family literacy activities foster partnerships between the school, home, family, and teachers. Through engaging storybooks, enchanting literacy-learning environments, and authentic discoveries, preschoolers are given the keys that will open the doors to lifelong literacy and a love of learning.

Preparing Children for Kindergarten and Beyond

The younger a child is, the more readily they retain new information. By enrolling your child in a voluntary pre-kindergarten program, you’re helping prepare them for future success throughout their educational career. By working with our qualified and dedicated educators, your child will gain a head start before beginning kindergarten. We work on a number of skills and areas with our students including:

  • Spanish as a Second Language
  • Early Literacy
  • Self-Care Skills
  • Social Interaction
  • Independence
  • Problem-Solving Skills

By spending time with other children their age, your child is able to develop vital social skills that will help them interact with their peers. In addition to our voluntary pre-kindergarten education program, we offer before and after school programs, preschool, toddler care, and summer camp programs. Our combination of educational services and programs can help your child thrive in any environment.

Safe and Enriching Environment for Children

When you leave your child in our care, you can count on us to provide much more than high-quality education. Our facility is secure and safe at all hours, and we require all visitors to sign into our building. In addition to providing a securely locked facility for your child, we serve healthy and nutritious food full of fresh and organic items daily. All our VPK programs are specially designed to provide a healthy and enriching environment for your child.

Contact us to sign your child up for voluntary pre-kindergarten in Tampa, Florida. We feature a variety of programs throughout the year.