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In-Depth Educational Programs for Toddlers in Tampa, FL

Offer your toddler the best chance for a bright future with our educational programs for toddlers in Tampa, FL. Little House Kinder Learning Center provides a number of programs designed to educate, stimulate, and enrich the minds and physical well-being of children of all ages. Our learning activities for toddlers are suitable for children between the ages of 12 and 36 months, and we also have programs for children up to age 12. Reach out to our friendly and dedicated staff to enroll your toddler in one of our programs including:
Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten
Before and After School
Summer Camp

Diverse and Active Learning Activities Tailored for Toddlers

Even young toddlers have the capacity to learn and retain information, and our educational activities and philosophy reflect that belief. We base our learning activities for toddlers on the belief that children grow and develop to their fullest potential when given the opportunity to explore, create, and solve problems with materials appropriate to their developmental age. Our classes and activities provide children with many types of experiences including puzzle-solving, interaction with books, climbing, puppetry, riding toys, and play-acting with housekeeping props. These activities help foster creativity, learning, and independence in children of all ages.

Specializing in the Infant Toddler Planning Guide Curriculum

We use the Infant Toddler Planning Guide curriculum for our children between 12 and 36 months of age. This toddler curriculum emphasizes language experiences and social interactions while preparing children for the structure of a typical preschool day in a similar group setting. Toddlers engage in active learning activities during the day including activities that are designed to foster growth in all areas of development.

Qualified Educators Specializing in Educating Toddlers

Our staff members are all thoroughly experienced in early childhood education, educational programs for toddlers, and basic safety protocols for a facility of our size and layout. When your child is with us, you know they’re safe because our facility is completely locked down during the day. Any visitors must be buzzed in and sign in at the office. In addition, we allow you to check in on your child through our convenient app. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you know your child is in a safe environment.

Contact us to enroll your toddler in our comprehensive educational program in Tampa, Florida. We offer a number of programs for children of all ages.