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About Our Child Care Services in Tampa, FL

Little House Kinder Learning Center was created in 2012 to provide full and part-time child care services in Tampa, FL, for children between 1 and 12 years of age and summer camp programs for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

To achieve our goals, we offer many services that integrate the child’s family in the educational process as well as financial aid, reasonable prices, extended hours, an easily accessible location, fresh food daily, Spanish as a second language lessons, and constant communication with parents about the growth of their children.

Year-Round Registration

Little House Kinder Learning Center has year-round registration. As slots open up for various reasons, enrollment will continue based on the waiting list order and staff availability. Families presently enrolled are given priority to register for the available VPK slots. There is no guarantee of securing a VPK slot if registration is not received by May of the current year. No slot will be held without pre-payment of the registration fee and deposit.


Our child care center admits all children regardless of race, color, nationality, or religious background. Little House Kinder Learning Center will make accommodations for children with special needs whenever possible, but accommodations are limited to those within the physical and financial capabilities of the Center. Each child in the classroom is entitled to equitable time and attention from the teacher. If an individual child requires a disproportionate amount of teacher’s time, that child’s parents may have the options of providing an assistant in the classroom or withdrawing their child from the center. Assistance in the classroom will be under the direction of the classroom teacher and subject to State Licensing requirements.

Waiting List

The Office maintains a waiting list based on the date the application and fee was received. This list consists of names from the Pre-enrollment list that did not get placement in the fall and would like to be considered as the program year progresses. New names may also be added for consideration during the year as slots open up for various reasons. There is a non-refundable $ 25 dollar charge to have a child’s name put on this waiting list. This fee will be charged for each new program year. This list is kept from September 1 through August 30 of a given program year for placement during the on-going program year

Secure and Easy to Locate Facility

When you leave your child in our care, you can rest assured that they will be safe in our care. Our facility is easy to locate and features comprehensive security. All visitors to the locked center must be buzzed in for the safety of our children. In addition to providing a secure and safe environment for your child, we make sure they receive healthy and nutritious food during the day. We have transitioned from using processed food to using fresh and organic products whenever possible. We also offer an app for parents so you can check in on your child throughout the day, get updates on their education progress, and check them in and out of the facility.

Call us to sign your child up for one of our many programs or apply for the wait list. We offer a variety of programs in Tampa, Florida, for children between ages 1 and 12.